NWA NEWS AND NOTES | September 8th 2023

Colby Corino defends the World Junior Heavyweight Championship on PPV, EC3 breaks up OVW Faction, Velvet Sky departs the NWA and more

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Colby Corino

World Junior Heavyweight Championship Street Fight

Colby Corino brings the World Junior Heavyweight Championship to the Premier Wrestling Network Wrestling Showcase PPV tomorrow night. Corino will defend his title against Darius Carter in a World Junior Heavyweight Streetfight. This will be Colby’s 2nd title defense. His first was against Jack Cartwheel on the second night of the NWA 75th Anniversary PPV. This match will be an offering from Catalyst Wrestling, in which both Colby and Carter are regulars. Those interested in watching can subscribe to the Premier Wrestling Network.

Also at this showcase, two former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champions battle to become the 1st PWN World Champion. “Indie God” Matt Cardona squares off against “Boom Boom” Colt Cabana.

The Faction Is No More

Last night, the reigning and defending NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion returned to Ohio Valley Wrestling to put an end to the faction he once belonged to. Known as the Faction The Faction was made up of Joe Mack, Certified Luke Kurtis, Shannon the Dude, Mahabali Shera, Mr. PEC-Tacular, and EC3. With a video package from his auntie Dixie, EC3 rechristened the group The OVERMEN and dispatched Jessie Godderz. Godderz has made overtures to the NWA in the past. Godderz challenged Chris Adonis last year for the NWA National Heavyweight Championship. And defended his OVW National Championship against Da Pope (while in the NWA) in 2021. OVW has gained notoriety over the past few weeks as it has been announced that they will be releasing a docuseries through Netflix. OVW also has a television taping on Saturday, Hard Rest at the Davis Arena at 7PM, which should feature the NWA Worlds Champion, EC3.

Pollo Del Mar Guest Hosts Busted Open

Pollo Del Mar joined former NWA World Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa and Hall of Fame Wrestling Radio Personality David Lagrega on Busted Open Radio this morning. The show airs Monday through Friday at 9-Noon on Sirius XM Radio and is often featured as one of the top sports podcasts on iTunes and Spotify. One highlight of many was NWA National Champion Silas Mason calling in. Pollo did a great job of bringing the conversation back to the NWA. The program can be listened to live on Sirius XM Radio’s Fight Nation or via podcast.

The Sky is Falling

Velvet Sky announced via X that moving forward she would no longer be a part of the National Wrestling Alliance going forward. No specific reason was given for her departure, however, she did thank Billy for the opportunity. And mentioned she learned so much from Joe and Time on Commentary. Velvet Sky joined the commentary team after the pandemic pause. Sky would become the 4th commentator in the Lightning One Era as she and Tim Storm replaced the departing Wade Barret

Velvet Sky also twice hosted NWA POWERRR SURGE under the name Velvet After Dark. Velvet was last seen calling the action at the NWA 75th Anniversary Pay-Per-View. Danny Dealz worked with Joe Galli on commentary for this season’s POWERRR tapings.

EC3 backs out of Devotion Championship Wrestling’s Controlled

Prior to becoming NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, EC3 was scheduled to appear at Salt Lake City, Utah’s DCW. He was scheduled to face the Manny Lemons. This was coming off the heels of him surrendering the NWA National Championship to pursue Tyrus and the Ten Pounds of Gold. Once EC3 became champion, it was expected he would defend his new title against Lemons. However, due to the championship obligation, EC3 is not able to defend the title on September 16th as he has other responsibilities. Therefore, the champion has agreed to a title defense against Manny Lemons on December 9th at their 5-Year Anniversary Event.

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