NWA National Championship: Best of Seven Series

The feud between NWA National Champion Phil “Nitro” Monahan and “The World’s Most Interesting Wrestling” Lou Marconi has spilled into several wrestling promotions and the “concern for fan safety” has grown for the NWA Front Office.

Marconi and Monahan who’ve trade the National Title a handful of times have agreed to the best of seven series, which will feature special attraction matches: Steel Cage, Dog Collar, or Lumberjack to ensure “fan safety” and keep the violence contained. The special stipulation will declare that at the loser of the series will be unable to challenge for the National Championship for 12 months.

The first match of the series takes place on Saturday July 12th at the Carolina Beach Recreation Center in Carolina Beach, North Carolina for NWA World Wide Wrestling, inside of a steel cage. More stipulations to be announced soon.

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