NWA Midwest presents: Pro Wrestling Fusion

Pro Wrestling Fusion is proud to announce a partnership with the National Wrestling Alliance.

Pro Wrestling Fusion has set the Florida independent wrestling scene on fire in its rookie year while gaining the attention and admiration of top NWA executives. Built on the RESPECT that the business of Professional Wrestling demands, Fusion does a fine job providing a traditional yet fresh product that wrestling fans of the past and present can enjoy.  And it’s a tremendous value.

“Fusion is a tremendous promotion” NWA Midwest promoter Ed Chuman says, “I’ve seen the show from their home base of Ft. Pierce and it is top notch, packed house with incredible talent. We have our eyes on many of these young bright superstars”.

The National Wrestling Alliance has been in operation since 1948 and the NWA is the largest governing body of a group of professional wrestling promotions in the United States with offices around the World. The UK, France, Spain, Japan, Australia, & Mexico to name a few. It looks as if FUSION will now be added to that list of promotions.

“I met Mr. Chuman over a year ago and in that time we have cultivated a great friendship that has progressed into a strategic alliance.” Pro Wrestling Fusion promoter Joseph Cabibbo said. “He is sending many of our stars around the country and for that we are grateful, you will also see many NWA superstars making their way to the Sunshine State. I am very excited to be a part of the NWA as this is the promotion I grew up watching and I honestly believe that the NWA still has tremendous name value” Cabibbo added.

NWA Midwest and Pro Wrestling Fusion will also be co-promoting many wrestling events around the country starting in the state of Florida.

“We are very interested in a talent exchange with Fusion.” Chuman said. “Their guys can really go and they have made a great impression on me.”

Former Pro Wrestling Fusion Heavyweight Champion – The Sheik will be debuting in South Dakota and all over the Midwest as soon as March 1 and current Fusion Heavyweight Champion – Steve Madison will be accompanying The Sheik to the NWA Showcase television taping from Hollywood in California on March 7 & 8. The Sheik will also be appearing in NWA Midwest on April 24th in Waukesha, WI, and on April 25th in Madison, WI for NWA Midwest promoter Frank DeFalco of NWA Brew City. The Sheik is looking to add NWA Gold to his many accolades, and we’re very excited to bring him to the fans of NWA Midwest.

It’s an exciting time for us here in the NWA as we expand our horizons, and welcome Pro Wrestling Fusion to become a integral part of that growth. I look forward to seeing some of the incredible talent that both Pro Wrestling Fusion, and the NWA bring to the table. It’s a terrific match with the fans being the big winners here states Chuman.

Credit Pro Wrestling Fusion

This isn’t the first time that Ed Chuman and the NWA Midwest attempted to get a partnership with a Floridian Wrestling Promotion. April of last year, IWZ was suppose to “co-promote events” with the NWA. I don’t know what became of IWZ, their website is still intact, but it doesn’t look very updated. I think this union between PWF and the NWA will be beneficial to all parties involved.

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