NWA Mid-Atlantic Update

NWA Mid Atlantic ChampionshipDuring the last episode of the Alliance Guys Podcast, friend of the Show Lance Erikson called in and shared the news of the date for NWA Mid Atlantic’s Debut Event, taking place on April 26th with the event being confirmed for Beckley-Raleigh County at the convention center.

Along with the confirmation of the premier event the new Mid-Atlantic Championship Belt was presented to the fans of NWA Mid-Atlantic on Facebook.

The April 26th Event will also be running the same day as NWA Smoky Mountain and we know as of right now that Damien Wayne and Jason Kincaid are confirmed for the Smoky Mountain Cup and potentially Matt Conard who has a qualifying match for the tournament.

NWA MAW is holding a contest where mans can cut a promo.  The winner of the contest  could win a chance to be a manager for an Mid-Atlantic wrestler.

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