NWA Mexico’s Results

Generally it was a good show. All the matches were 1 fall matches, which isn’t traditional in Lucha Libre. Incognito and Mango put on a good match. Also Solar versus Negro Navvaro was a classic when Negro finally defeated Solar for the Americas Championship. The audience was unfamiliar with Pearce and Albright, but they liked the match. This show is apparently going to be on TV this fall.

Skyde and Turbo v. Black Thunder and Dr. Cerebro
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Piratita Morgan defeated Octagoncito
Black Terry defeated Coco Rojo
Incognito defeated a Magno
Veneno defeated Mascara Sagrada.
Americas Championship Match
Negro Navarro defeated Solar (New Champion)
NWA Worlds Championship
Brent Albright defeated Adam Pearce.
Main Event
Hijo del Santo, Blue Demon Jr. y Rayo de Jalisco Jr. defeated El Dandy, Hijo del Solitario y Fuerza Guerrea.

All credit of this report and pictures goes to Black Terry and luchalibre.mforos.com Loosely translated by me

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