NWA Main Event to produce TV for the Local ION Network

On behalf of NWA Main Event Wrestling and all of the Mid-South Wrestling fans, we would like to thank Bert Prentice for the opportunity to continue promoting weekly wrestling events at the world famous and true home for professional wrestling, The Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena.
It is an exciting time as the NWA Main Event returns to prominence in the Mid-South and Nashville area. The NWA is the oldest and largest governing body of professional wrestling sees major changes in the Nashville and Mid-South wrestling scene. The shows at present will be in conjunction with the National Wrestling Alliance and NWA Wrestle Birmingham providing talent and financial support.

NWA Main Event Wrestling will be bringing in talent from all over the United States and Internationally, many that the local fans have never seen before. NWA Main Event President Mike Porter has also signed a deal with ION Television in Nashville to broadcast weekly TV shows on Tuesdays at 4 PM beginning March 11th. Another station in Northern Alabama to be added soon. The local ION network can be seen all through Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky. The NWA Nashville office will be ran by Mike Porter, Jeff Daniels and Ronnie Brown, and will promote shows where ever ION is broadcast. The new TV deal with ION and other pending stations will finally allow us to truly deliver a weekly wrestling TV program on a legit TV station that all area fans enjoy, we purposely stayed away from third rate cable access airings. We are very proud also, of this opportunity to be able to showcase the best of the NWA Talent with the help of surrounding NWA Members, Bob Trobich, the NWA Board of Directors, Linda Marx and NWA Wrestle Birningham. We truly will be bringing the MAIN EVENT back to Nashville Wrestling.

Thanks to all of the fans for their continued support.
— Mike Porter

And it was added on from other notable message boards that Mike Porter was quoted as saying “Yes, wrestling at the fairgrounds will still be on Tuesday night. We will have a fair share of the market for TV on Tuesday afternoon. I will be paying less for my TV time than SAW pays for theirs. The TV show will be 60 minutes. I have taken over the lease on the Fairgrounds lease, and it will be a NWA Show. Bert will have no connection with the show. David Marquez will be coming on board within the next 30 days. We have professional editing equipment and the editor is the same editor that does the TNA overseas show. We have a camera switcher and monitors that will allow us to do a 3 camera shoot. Ronnie Brown will be an event coordinator. Hope that this answers all of your questions. Marquez will be very much involved, There are other things that are going to take place, It seems as if this area and the Nashville Office is going to be a hub. The World Tag Team Champions are going to be lliving in Nashville for 3 months. This area may also be a developing ground for NWA Talent. There are some major changes for the wreslting scene here in Middle Tenn.”

“Larry Goodman is reporting NWA Main Event sent out a press release stating that President Mike Porter has signed a deal with ION Television in Nashville to broadcast a weekly television show beginning March 11th with a 4pm Tuesday time slot. The local ION network can be seen throughout Middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky. According to the release, NWA Main Event plans to work with other NWA members to bring in talent from all over the United States. Jeff Daniels and Ronnie Brown will work with Porter in running the NWA Nashville office and promoting shows within their television coverage area. The weekly shows at the Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena will continue, but Bert Prentice will no longer be involved.”

[credit: NWAZone Forums]

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