NWA Main Event: Returns To The Fair Grounds

Mike Porter announced that the NWA promoter and commissioner George Gulas will be bringing NWA Main Event Wrestling back to the Nick Gulas Sports Arena at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. Main Event will be at the Community Life Center on Feb. 7th. Porter posted on the Mid-Southern Wrestling Message Board that they are planning to bring in talent from NWA Anarchy as well as talent from West Virgina and Southern Indiana. Porter also mentioned that the current roster will be updated.
Porter had recently announced that Main Event would be running shows every Saturday night at the Community Life Center, in Nashville, Tenn. Every Saturday night will also be a TV taping for NWA Main Event’s Show on the ION network at 12 noon every Saturday. Starting date is Saturday Feb. 7 with an 8 PM Belltime.

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