NWA Main Event Press Release

NWA Main Event Wrestling regrets that our relationship with the ION Network has ended. We have enjoyed our working relationship for the past 45 weeks.
We have been in negations with another TV outlet for the past several weeks and we are ready to sign the deal. As soon as the contract is finalized, an announcement will be made as to time and channel.
Sometimes we felt that I hands were tied at ION as to what we could show and say on air.
We have a new building that we are doing our TV tapings, the Community Life Center, 413 Veritas St. in Nashville, this tapings will continue every Saturday, belltime is 8 P. M.
We also will begin our monthly shows at the Fairgrounds, our first date will be announced soon. This couple of weeks off will give us an opportunity to change the lighting in the building and put up drapes and even build an entrance way. Also we have ordered new equipment to update what we have and we will have that equipment in place within a few days. We are also upgrading our talent roster with the addition of several new wrestlers,
Details will be announced as they become available.
Thanks to all of our fans for their support and stay tuned!

Mike Porter
National Wrestling Alliance
Member Board of Directors

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