NWA Main Event: Live Mar. 15th

NWA Main Event Wrestling

Thursday March 15th 2012 • 8:00PM
NWA Arena & TV Studios
1056 E. Trinity Lane Nashville, TN. 37216
Tickets: $8.00 Ringside,$4.00 General Admission
(Kids 5 & under FREE with paid adult.)

Main Event Return The Final Conflict
Match demanded by Nick Iggy after what Se7en did to the “Elements of Wrestling” last Thursday!
Nick Iggy vs Se7en

The Elements of Wrestling (Matt & Kaden) w/Nick Iggy vs. Jason Nesmith & Shane Steel w/David Knox

Return Grudge Match
Psycho Medic vs. Kevin Kardashian

Johnny Gunn vs. Jamey Farrari

Jeremy Flynt vs. Randy Wicket

Eric Hayes vs. Chris Norte

Plus Dyron Flynn, Prince Omar Al Kazan, J. T. Gibson,Victor Van Glorius, and much, much, more!

Best Snack Bar in Town!!!!!

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