NWA Main Event goes to "The Next Level" Jan. 7, 2010

Credit: NWA Main Event


Starting in Jan., 2010 the next level for NWAME! Starting with a new TV. Bill Behrens will take over as executive producer for NWAME-TV. Old favorites will be returning as well as new wrestling superstars. A whole new and exciting crew for NWAME. Promoter Mike Porter has promised more shows through out Middle Tennessee, Western Kentucky and Western Tennessee with all the new talent appearing for NWAME-TV. All of our loyal fans along with the new one stay with us for an all new NWA Main Event!

On Jan. 7, 2010 “The Next Level” of NWA Main Event Television will begin with Mr.Bill Behrens of Atlanta, Ga. as the Executive Producer.

Already signed for the first TV taping under the leadership of Mr. Behrens will be Will Owens, Mike Posey, Corey Hollis, Matt Boyce, Ace Rockwell, Andrew Alexander and Orion Bishop. More names will be added to the list after the Christmas Holiday.

“Christmas Chaos 2009 -NWA Style”

Christmas Night – Dec. 25 – 8 PM Belltime
NWA Studios
413 Veritas St.
Nashville, Tenn. 37211

Big night of Professional Wrestling – Already signed Steve O – Details will be announced as they become available.

Another step into the right direction for the NWA Main Event.  Conspicuous by his absence is perennial fan favorite White Tiger.  Also missing is Shawn Shultz, but the additions of Ace Rockwell and Orion Bishop is certainly a step in the right direction.  Rockwell has been wrestling in Tennessee under different organizational banners, so it is a positive move to see this NWA Anarchy regular step into  the Main Event rings.  Along with Orion Bishop who used to compete in former NWA Affiliate GCW and recently started to appear for Anarchy.  Who could NWA Main Event add to this growing roster to guarantee you’ll be watching the new show?

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