NWA Main Event: Announces new Executive Producer

NASHVILLE, TN: NWA Main Event promoter, Mike Porter announced today that Atlanta based Bill Behrens would take on the role of Executive Producer of the NWA Main Event Television program beginning in early January 2010.

The NWA Main Event television program currently airs exclusively on the internet at www.nwame.com but Mike Porter believes that “with the addition of Bill Behrens and improvements we plan our television product should soon thereafter begin airing on various television stations in Tennessee & Kentucky”, the promotion base for NWA Main Event.

Bill Behrens co-produced 100 consecutive episodes of the Nashville based NWA Music City Wrestling and NWA Worldwide Wrestling with promoter Bert Prentice beginning in 1997. That was followed by 329 consecutive episodes of NWA Wildside, the promotion that featured AJ Styles, Justice (Abyss), Hotstuff Hernandez, Ron Killings, Jimmy Rave and numerous other superstars and served as a WCW development territory. After NWA Wildside, Behrens began producing the television program for NWA Anarchy which has aired 203 episode to date in syndication and on the internet at www.nwaanarchy.net .

“I am excited to return to Nashville, and look forward to creating a strong Nashville based television program that I believe will become the area’s destination for future wrestling superstars, and appointment viewing weekly for wrestling fans,” said Behrens. He noted that “the promotion has a core base of strong wrestling talent in White Tiger, Matt Boyce, Will Owens, Mike Posey, Corey Hollis, and others ready to step up and get noticed, a talented editor, and strong support team.”

The NWA Main Event television program is produced most Thursdays at 413 Veritas St in Nashville, TN. Next TV taping is December 10.

I occasionally tune into NWA Main Event via the web. Since the departure of Jason James, I feel the quality of the show has been devalued. They had some compelling characters like White Tiger and Shawn Shultz, but even the returning faces of Will Owens, Gary Valiant, or even Mike Rapada hadn’t improved the show. So how will Bill Behrens improve the produce? Do you think this elevates Main Event television? Are you going to start watching? Please Leave a Comment and tell me what you think.

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