NWA Mach 1 Pro Wrestling has a busy weekend.

NWA Pro/Mach-1 Wrestling presents 3 shows in 2 days with “Friday Fight Night” on Friday, April 2nd, “Saturday Showcase” on Saturday afternoon, April 3rd and “Slam and Jam” on Saturday night, April 3rd!
**NWA Pro/Mach-1 Wrestling presents “Friday Fight Night” on Friday, April 2nd at 8:05pm in Anaheim, CA!**
Los Luchas (Ph…oenix Star & Zokre) v. RockNES Monsters (Johnny Goodtime & Johnny Yuma)
– Unlike M1W Tag Team Champions, Natural Selection, who have chosen to take the night before their big title defense off to rest up, the number one contenders, RockNES Monsters have chosen to take on Los Luchas to keep them on top of their game and prepare for their big challenge at “Slam and Jam” on April 3rd.
Andrew Hellman v. Johnny Paradise
– Johnny Paradise made his M1W debut last week by winning the SoCal Invitational Battle Royal and garnering an M1W Title Match against Willie Mack. Although unsuccessful in his quest for the title, Paradise impressed M1W officials and has been given another shot against M1W favorite Andrew Hellman.
Slam and Jam Preview Match
Joey Ryan & Mikey Callahan (w/ C. Edward Vanderpyle) v. “Pretty” Peter Avalon & Kyle Webb (w/ Mr. Biggz & David Troy)
– Ryan & Avalon and Callahan & Webb have individually been at odds in recent weeks but two weeks ago all four of these men crossed paths in a match pitting Ryan against Webb. Now, these men are scheduled to resolve their individual issues at “Slam and Jam” on April 3rd and will preview that action in this tag team contest.
Scorpio Sky v. Brandon Parker
– Scorpio Sky has two big challenges this weekend and is looking to catapult himself back into title contention by scoring two big wins. His first challenge is the young and hungry Brandon Parker who has nothing to lose and everything to gain by scoring a win against a man the caliber of Scorpio Sky.
Ryan Taylor v. Jarek Matthews
– Jarek Matthews is returning to M1W for the first time since joining M1W’s Wrestling 101 training school and is looking to show off his new abilities but will not have an easy task as he takes on Ryan Taylor.
M1W Wrestling 101 Student Showcase
Jacob Diez v. Cedric The Hitman
– Both men are previously established wrestlers and both men have enrolled in M1W’s Wrestling 101 training school to further their abilities. Both are looking to combine their previous craft with their newly acquired skills to gain victory and climb the M1W ladder.
NWA Pro/Mach-1 Wrestling’s weekly “Friday Fight Night” comes to you live every Friday from the American Sports Center at 1500 S. Anaheim Blvd., Anaheim, CA 92805. Bell time 8:05PM, doors open at 7:30. Tickets are $6 for adults, $3 for students w/ ID and children 12 and under.
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**NWA Pro/Mach-1 Wrestling presents “Saturday Showcase” on Saturday, April 3rd at 2pm in Anaheim, CA!**
In the tradition of “Lite Shows,” “Saturday Showcase” will be a mixture of students looking to cut their teeth, experienced wrestlers looking to try-out for the “Friday Fight Night” shows and talent from the regular M1W roster looking to get some extra ring time and help with the students progression. For the most part these shows will be presented without traditional angles or storylines and the wrestlers will be encouraged to try new looks and new techniques or display their talent to the M1W brass for the first time, all in an effort to work their way onto the main M1W roster.
“Saturday Showcase” will be FREE of charge for those fans looking to attend and get an early look at the upcoming wrestlers of tomorrow as well as a few surprise appearances by wrestlers whom you already know and love. Due to the nature of these shows, the cards will largely be established the day of, so there will rarely be matches announced ahead of time. They will be held promptly on Saturday afternoons at 2:00 PM with doors opening at 1:45 PM from the American Sports Center at 1500 S. Anaheim Blvd., Anaheim, CA 92805.
Wrestlers looking to inquire about a potential spot on “Saturday Showcase” are in encouraged to email info@m1wrestling.com with “Showcase” in the subject line for the details.
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**NWA Pro/Mach-1 Wrestling presents “Slam and Jam” on Saturday, April 3rd at 8:00pm in Anaheim, CA!**
Main Event – M1W Championship Match
Willie Mack (c) v. James Morgan
– This is the big one! After months and months of being at eachothers throats, Mack and Morgan will finally collide in what is sure to be hard hitting and intense action for the richest prize in M1W.
M1W Tag Team Championship Match
Natural Selection (Brian Cage & Shawn Rickers) v. RockNES Monsters (Johnny Goodtime & Johnny Yuma)
– A rematch from the finals on the tournament to crown the first ever M1W Tag Team Champions in which Natural Selection won under questionable means. Will the Monsters be able to overcome the power of Natural Selection or will Cage & Rickers finally rid themselves of the Monsters once and for all?
Student v. Student Grudge Match
Mikey Callahan v. Kyle Webb
– Two of the top students at M1W’s Wrestling 101, these two have formed a bitter rivalry over the past few weeks and both are looking to settle the score and prove once and for all who the better man is.
Tag Team Match
Joey Ryan & C. Edward Vanderpyle v. “Pretty” Peter Avalon & Mr. Biggz
– Ryan and Avalon have traded wins in recent matches but both were by disqualification due to outside interference from each of their managers. On top of the differences between Ryan and Avalon, things have gotten personal between Vanderpyle and Biggz recently when Biggz attacked Vanderpyle during an arm wrestling contest between the two. The NWA Board of Directors and M1W Brass saw that Vanderpyle and Biggz were eager to get into the action themselves and obliged them by signing this match.
Scorpio Sky v. Johnny Paradise
– M1W favorite Scorpio Sky takes on M1W newcomer Johnny Paradise in a match where both men will look to knock off the other in their individual quests for glory in an M1W ring.
Disco Machine v. Jacob Diez
– Jacob Diez has been eager to take on all challenges since joining M1W’s Wrestling 101 and reinventing himself, but this could be his biggest challenge to date as he takes on the ever unpredictable veteran in Disco Machine.
NWA Pro/Mach-1 Wrestling’s “Slam and Jam” comes to you on Saturday, April 3rd from the American Sports Center at 1500 S. Anaheim Blvd., Anaheim, CA 92805. Bell time 8:00PM, doors open at 7:30. Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for students w/ ID and children 12 and under.
*All cards subject to change
M1W info line: (714) 261-4861

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