NWA Lucha Chicago: Presents Blue Demon Jr. vs. The Sheik

Using a spike to draw the blood of the infidels The Sheik has slowly made a name for himself in Florida as no nonsense, blood thirsty, competitor who will stop at nothing to achieve glory and honor for his countrymen. And with the Wizard, Joey Eastman by his side, the Sheik has traveled as far west as Southern California to wrestle for the NWA Showcase. And although Fusion Pro Wrestling is where he is a Heavyweight Champion, the Sheik has traveled to Charlotte and Chicago to purge the non-believers. And it will be in Chicago, where the mad-man finally has an opportunity to claim the Legendary 10lbs of Gold. As the Sheik has already laid to waste to former WWE Superstar 2 Cold Scorpio and Florida Indy Wrestling Sensation Steve Madison, his next target is the Worlds Heavyweight Champion. And you better believe the Sheik has one more spike ready to free the blood of Blue Demon Jr.

Blue Demon Jr. has already defeated some of the most prominent names of the NWA. Adam Pearce, Joey Ryan, former NWA Heritage Champion Ryan Taylor, Mexican Wrestling sensation El Dandy, current NWA Heritage Champion Oliver John, and former WWE Superstar Super Crazy. Demon has 2 more matches in Texas before he even gets to Chicago. NWA Chicago brings you this match up on October 24th, 2009.

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