NWA: Letter to John Saxon….


Since you want to go around and proclaim the same thing that every one has always said and failed they were going to do let me enlighten you why the Dragon will not and cannot be slayed…

HISTORY–people all over this country and from others have always used the saying they were going to slay this Dragon. No one ever has gotten the job done and no one ever will. Now I have no doubts in your abilities and the things you have accomplished and yet to accomplish. I also know my abilities and and what I plan to accomplish.

TRADITION– it’s one of the oldest traditions that in our line of work that a champion defends his title to the person that has the best chance in defeating him. It’s what defines a true champion by beating all the challengers. It’s also tradition that when the number contender wins he leaves with belt….

RESPECT–John I’ve never met you personally but I absolutely respect the work you have put in to become who you are today. I have watched numerous matches of yours and highly impressed and completely respect you but this will be the biggest fight you have ever been in.

THE FUTURE– what we do know is we will walk in to Tullahoma TN tomorrow night with one common goal. That is to beat the living hell out of each other and prove to ourselves and the world who the better man is. However, the future will show that dragons cannot and will not be slayed. That the future for the NWA is The Double A of the NWA. That the future is Team Dragon

I will see you tomorrow sir… Make sure to bring your A game. We will both need it.

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