NWA Korea: New WWA World Heavyweight Champion

Nearly a year has passed since Bob “the Beast” Sapp was defeated by “Super Dragon” Lee Wang Pyo in what was billed as a MMA style fight for the WWA Heavyweight Title. Pyo, defeated Sapp with an armbar submission. However at “Forever Hero 4” Sapp righted this wrong. Sapp defeated Pyo at the Olympic Stadium. Interestingly, Bobb Sapp wasn’t the only non-Korean at the event. Nelson Creed and Kenny Lush (ECCW Wrestlers) battled for the WWA Korean Tag Team Titles.

Here are some notes, taken from the ECCW Message Board:

Kenny Lush and Nelson Creed are both currently tearing up a storm in the WWA in Korea.

On Sunday, Oct 25 both wrestled great tag team matches at the Forever Hero 4 wrestling spectacular.

In the Semi-Main Event, Leatherface and Kenny Lush stormed the ring and dominated their opponents, both former professional sumo wrestlers, but were outdone when Leatherface blasted Lush with a closeline felt into the 100th row; fans were in awe of the two, but they ended up losing the WWA tag team titles in a major upset.

Nelson Creed Teamed with Bad Boy Hido (from Big Japan and W*ING Japan) to defeat Korean Olympic Legend No Gi Shin and his young tag team partner when Creed landed his final curtain frog splash. Leatherface, Creed, and Lush were all thoroughly booed by those in attendance. However, their in ring efforts and hard style left many spectators in awe and begging for more. All three have matches tommorow night. Kenny Lush and Nelson Creed will be teaming up to challenge again for the WWA Tag Team Titles. In the main event of the evening, Leatherface is wrestling Bob Sapp for the WWA heavyweight title. Carnage is expected.

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