NWA – IZW July 28 2009 Ringside Report

From the Desk of NWA – IZW Front Office

NWA-IZW July 28, 2009 Ringside Report
The Sets in Tempe, Arizona
Exclusive to www.impactzonewrestling.com

Greg DeMarco opened up the show, and immediately called out referee Ryan Castelucci. DeMarco had Castelucci’s paycheck from July 14 in his hands, claiming that Ryan had to “do the right thing” tonight if he planned to earn his living. DeMarco forced agreement from Castelucci before being interrupted by IZW Board of Directors Representative Nick “Flood” DeMichael. DeMichael announced several matches for the show, including an Impulse Title defense, a #1 Contender Tag Team match, and an IZW Championship match. He was then interrupted by “Miracle” Mike James, who requested a rematch with Derick Neikirk, whether it be for the Arizona Heavyweight Championship or not. DeMarco initially refused, but then attempted to take James by surprise by granting him the match, and starting it immediately.

Match 1: Arizona Heavyweight Champion Derick Neikirk fought to a 15-minute draw with “Miracle” Mike James in a non-title match.

Match 2: The BFF Express (Johnny Manson & Tyson Tyler) beat Lucha Star & “El Cholo” Mike G to become the #1 Contenders to the NWA-IZW Tag Team Championship. The Express won with the Friendly Fire after a miscommunication by Lucha & Mike. Following the match, Mike G showed his frustration when he turned on Lucha, disappointing his partner for nearly two years and shocking the IZW fans in the process.

Match 3: “The King of Phoenix” Payed Daily pinned the returning Dread Pirate Bernie following a DDT on the ring apron. Bernie and Skull & Bones tag team partner Mike James then celebrated Bernie’s return with the fans.

Match 4: Dom “The Bomb” Vitalli pinned “The Irish Hand Grenade” Marty Murphy to win the NWA-IZW Impulse Championship. Marty was putting Dom in position for the TK602 when former 602 Wrecking Crew tag team partner Jacob Herzberg’s music hit, allowing Dom to roll Marty up for the championship win.

Match 5: “The Limited Edition” Tommy Drake defeated “Freak-O-Suave” Frenchy Riviera by disqualification. Riviera used a chain slipped to him by Greg DeMarco to knock Drake out, but referee Ryan Castelucci saw the chain and called for the
disqualification. Riviera protested, but DeMarco immediately hit the ring and began to berate Ryan for both his job as a referee and his dream to become an IZW superstar as Ryan Castle, much to the ire of the crowd. The crowd begged for Ryan to strike DeMarco, but DeMarco knew that Castelucci wouldn’t risk his livelihood. Ryan agreed, informing DeMarco that Ryan Castelucci wouldn’t do such a thing, but Ryan Castle would. Castelucci proceeded to knock DeMarco out with one punch, ripping up the paycheck DeMarco held ransom and shedding his referee shirt.

Match 6: In the Main Event, Impact Zone Wrestling champion “The East Coast Killer” Dean Radford pinned “The Institution of Professional Wrestling” GQ Gallo. Radford had Gallo pinned when Derick Neikirk pulled referee Sal Erakat out of the ring and threw him into the guardrail. Gallo and Neikirk proceeded to attack Radford when “The Feature Presentation” Jay Garland made a surprise return to IZW, coming to his nemesis’s aid. Once Radford & Garland cleared the ring of Neikirk, Radford connected with the Radicator and scored the pinfall on the former two-time IZW Champion.

Stay tuned to www.impactzonewrestling.com for more fallout from July 28 at The Sets, including several new episodes of IZW Impulse! Both Marty Murphy and Derick Neikirk issued challenges that were recorded for Impulse, and we hope to have news on both challenges right here at www.impactzonewrestling.com later this week. IZW returns to The Sets in Tempe on Tuesday, August 11, 2009 at 7:30 PM.

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