NWA invades New Japan

Credit: Puroresu Spirit

[NJPW News Update] The NWA has invaded NJPW. The current reigning NWA Heavyweight Champion “Iron Man” Rob Conway, the current President of the NWA Bruce Tharpe, and a surprise third wrestler in Jax Dane appeared at today’s show to make their presence known.

The group was immediately met with boo’s from the NJPW fans. Tharpe introduced himself for the firs time publicly in the NJPW ring and stated that he brought two wrestlers, and that they are the world’s best wrestlers. He even went as far as to ask the fans to rise to their feet to honor these two.

Rob Conway has come to put his belt on the line against the best that New Japan has to offer and he seems very confident that he will indeed walk away as the champion after the “INVASION ATTACK” event on April 7th.

Kojima will be challenging Conway at the show and made his way out to confront the champion from the USA. Kojima understands that these “invaders” do not speak Japanese, so he put his words in English that Conway’s championship will be around his waist, and that they all will have to go home crying.

Conway appears to have nothing but confidence on his side, while Kojima aims to not let this invader just come in and run things.

*Kojima was met with the press backstage.
Kojima stated that he is not afraid of anything. He is not afraid of Conway, and that he will break Conway. That he will get championship belt and it will fit good around his waist.

Full results from the April 5th show.

NJPW will be providing the upcoming INVASION ATTACK event on April 7th on Ustream iPPV for $25.

The event will feature 9 matches with a headlining triple main event with a total of 5 title matches scheduled throughout the show.

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