NWA in Tennessee, a state of confusion?

Amidst the controversy of the National Wrestling Alliance in the State of Tennessee, The National Wrestling Alliance had a shared presence in the Music City. Mike Porter’s NWA Main Event ran a television taping for its show on Ion, at the Community Life Center in Nashville this past Saturday. However Porter wasn’t alone in Nashville. Mike Sircy’s NWA Top Rope, who is an associate member of Porter’s Main Event, has centered its promotion in Lebanon, Tennessee. However Sircy has joined a union of other Nashville promoters, USWO and ATL to create NWA Cyberslam.

NWA Cyberslam taped a show also on Saturday at the Stadium Inn. Porter had claimed that this show would not be sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance. However, a represenative for NWA Top Rope said “This taping is a NWA Top Rope Production. The internet show will be called NWA Cyberslam. So I would have to say this portion of the night would be a sactioned NWA show.”

The night saw a crowing of a new NWA Cyberslam Champion in Kliff Hanger who defeated JD Fluffy, Raul Loco, and LT Falk in a tournament to gain the crown.

There seems to be some confusion between what is sanctioned in Tennessee, but when there is more to report, we’ll let you know.

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