NWA High Voltage Debuts June 25th

NWA Brings Wrestling Back to YouTube

The March announcement from the NWA about becoming exclusive to FITE closed out an era. The NWA would remove all existing content from their YouTube Page. This included all episodes of the Ten Pounds of Gold series, all episodes of POWERRR, and anything relating to Carnyland. The move was shocking to many fans who had grown accustomed to watching the NWA through this way. However, earlier this month the NWA released a pre-show on the channel. This was the first new piece of content that included full wrestling matches. Today the NWA introduces NWA High Voltage.

Other NWA Programs

NWA’s YouTube was launched with the Ten Pounds of Gold series. Shot in a documentary style, the series focused in on the Worlds Heavyweight Champion. The series helped bring the NWA to light when it introduced Tim Storm to a much larger audience. Later it would be reserved to tell a story about the big fight between the Worlds Champion and his next opponent.

Alongside NWA POWERRR, they launched Circle Square. Planned to be akin to a talent search, Circle Squared introduced to new talent. NWA Fans got to meet the Koloff Dynasty, Hawx Aerie, Freya The Sleya, Dani Jordin, George South, Colby Corino and was supposed to introduce Lindsay Snow. The show was put on hiatus because of the pandemic.

During the Pandemic the NWA efforted to create content. They introduced a bevy of podcasts and an attempt at a sitcom called Carnyland that didn’t go over to well. After a few weeks it was canceled.

Lastly the NWA Would introduce it’s audience to NWA Shockwave.The partnership between the NWA and the United Wrestling Network created a series of roughly 12 matches. The NWA packaged these matches into NWA Shockwave and slotted the show into the NWA POWERRR timeslot, Tuesdays at 6 PM Eastern. Most of the matches aired on Prime Time LIVE’s weekly Pay-Per-View but were sprinkled in with dark matches that never aired. The show gained a lot of visibility. The NWA featured four title changes during their episodes on PTL.

More Content On YouTube

During the hiatus from producing content, their channel subscriber count began to fall. Losing 3,000 subscribers. However, since the pivot in early June, the channel has grown to 213,000 subscribers, which is up over the past six month. The NWA began updating the channel with; This is The NWA Podcast, Clips from NWA POWERRR, including Conrad Thompson’s Money Moments. Last week they released the match between Peter Avalon and Tim Storm from the 70th Anniversary under the High Voltage name. Along with NWA High Voltage, they also released the National Title Qualifier match from last week. The channel is expected to gain another thousand subscribers in the next week.

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