NWA Heritage Championship on the line; Pro Wrestling Revolution live from Watsonville.

The NWA Heritage Championship in a short time has become one of the premier titles of the National Wrestling Alliance.  The title was conceptualized as a traveling championship to be featured through the NWA Pro Wrestling territories.  The championship, which turns 4 years old in October has been defended as far East as Texas and has appeared on numerous events in Texas, Nevada, Arizona, and California.  On the eve of what could be the biggest match of Oliver John’s life, the NWA Heritage Champion has to be thinking what went wrong.  It was only a mere 15 months ago, Oliver John out lasted “World Renown Indy Star” Chris Hero, World League Wrestling’s “Superstar” Steve Anthony, and the previous champion Ryan Taylor, to be crowned the 6th NWA Heritage Champion.  Since gaining the championship at the live wrestling event during the Cauliflower Alley Club, Oliver John was made a top contender to the NWA World Championship, much like Adam Pearce before him.  Oliver John and his Border Patrol would become heavily featured on the NWA Showcase, “El Patron” would even go on to have a handful of non-title match victories over Former Champion Blue Demon Jr.  And until recently Oliver John was a dual champion being a long reigning Pro Wrestling Revolution Champion as well as NWA Heritage Champion.  Last week, things took a turn for the worse.  Oliver John was defeated for his Revolution Championship in Mexico City, Mexico during the Lucha Libre Expo and to make matters worse it was his nemesis, Blue Demon Jr., who would walk away champion.  
July 31st in Watsonville, CA. Oliver John’s problems get worse.  John walks into the very real Atsushi Sawada.  I had previously profiled Sawada on my post  Who is this new challenger for the NWA Heritage Championship?  Unlike his opponent in Watsonville, Sawada has been having very good fortunes.  To say Sawada has been on a role as of late would be an understatement.  With victories over Brandon Parker, Orion, Todd Chandler, Tristan Archer, and Ariya Daivari, Sawada could be poised to take the Heritage Title from Oliver John.  Having watched Sawada now live 4 times I was reminded a lot of former NWA World Champion Naoya Ogawa. A lot of Judo throws complete with a Judo Gea.  And although Oliver John might be disenfranchised with American Foreign Policy on Illegal Immigration, John is well versed in a multiple styles of fighting and demonstrated his ability to withstand a stiffer style of wrestling when he went toe-to-toe with Go Shiozaki.  The fans in Watsonville, CA are certainly in for a treat.  And we’re soon to find out if the NWA Heritage Champion will stay with Oliver John or become the new property of the outstanding youngster Sawada.

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