NWA Heritage Champion represents the NWA in the ZERO1 Fire Festival Tournament

Courtesy of ZEROOneUSA

Inoki Genome Federation wrestler Atsushi Sawada appeared at the ZERO1 Offices in Tokyo today along with a camera crew from Samurai TV. Also in his possession was a letter on official NWA stationary declaring Sawada as the official representative of the NWA for the Fire Festival ’11.
ZERO1 Ring announcer Oki was the only person present at the office when Sawada arrived. When Oki said he had received no official information of notice from the NWA he wasn’t sure what to make of Sawada’s claims.

Sawada flew into a rage and assaulted Oki:

“You dare feign ignorance? Try reading this letter first, my representation of the NWA has been decided! I am the NWA Heritage champion, announce my participation immediately!”

Oki then convened an emergency meeting of the ZERO1 Fire Festival executive committee in the afternoon and contacted the NWA-PPF who confirmed Sawada’s claim as their representative. The NWA then sent an identical versions of Sawada’s letter to ZERO1 President Shinjiro Otani as proof of their decision.
This fills the final slot of the Fire Festival ’11. The separate blocks will be announced following the upcoming Destruction King’s 7th Anniversary Mourning Special show tomorrow in Tokyo’s Korakuen Hall. Also on that show Sawada will once more team with longtime ZERO1 gaijin fighter Steve Corino to again try to seize the NWA Intercontinental Tag Team titles from Kohei Sato & KAMIKAZE.
The Sawada & Corino lost the Kohei & KAMIKAZE back on March 6th at the ZERO1 10th Anniversary at Ryogoku Kokugikan in their 1st challenge for these titles.

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