NWA Greensboro: No More… Never Was…

NWA Greensboro 12-21-13NWA Greensboro, birthed out of the ashes of NCSW, heralding Lance Erikson as the NWA Greensboro Champion (Erikson defeated the former NCSW Champion, TNA’s Gunner to win the title.)   The promotion was announced to be joining the NWA on September 24th.  The card would be announced shortly after featuring a huge NWA World Championship Match pitting Corino vs. Conway.

Promoter Wayne Wilson would fill up his show with huge matches featuring The Lords of KAOS, The NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champion Chase Owens, TNA’s Gunner, and NWA Woman’s Champion Kacee Carlisle.

Scheduling issues with the building and not being able to secure a venue led to a postponement of the show.  And shortly after a resignation from the NWA.  A NWA Star Studded line up, failed to materialize and NWA Greensboro came to an end.

Personally, I hope that the NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match pitting Rob Conway versus Steve Corino, still happens.  However just another buyer beware… if things sound too good to be true… they probably are.



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