NWA goes south of the border…

As posted on the NWA Forums, Box y Lucha (the premiere boxing and wrestling magazine of Mexico) is reporting that NWA Director David Marquez announced today that Blue Demon Jr. has been named the President of NWA Mexico who will have their offices in Guadalajara & Monterrey. Marquez wants Demon to have a working [relationship] along with EMLL but not a total working agreement just a deal where talent can be shared along with using independent contractors giving them the space they need to work wherever else they want. NWA Mexico will also use the same rules as the other NWA territories but there is a question about the NWA titles that are currently in Mexico controlled by EMLL, which the agreement with EMLL will most likely entail. Supposedly this has been in the works for 6 months so we will see what happens in the future.

David Marquez added “Yes, this is in fact true. I’ve been working with Demon and Trobich on offices in Mexico. I am pleased that we’ve come to terms and that the NWA name [will] once again shine in Mexico. Demon has showed me that he has the right people in place and is in good standings with people all over his country (not to mention his ties to the Coca Cola Co.) A formal announcement is on its way from Trobich’s Office soon.”
David also reported that “With the NWA brand being represented in Mexico and Puerto Rico, our Champions will be facing a lot of new talent.”

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