NWA Fusion: The Chase Begins 06/06/12

NWA Fusion star Preston Quinn recently threw his name in the hat for a NWA World Title shot. Well if he is going to get that shot then he is gonna have to earn it. The NWA Board decided that over the next 3 months they would be sending a wrestler of their choice to Fusion to face Quinn. Well if Quinn happens to overcome the odds and win all three matched does he then get his shot? Well not quite. If he does win all three then on September 29th in his own hometown Quinn would have a match with 4 time world champ Adam Pearce and if he wins that match then and only then will he get his title shot. The NWA isnt making it easy for Quinn as his first opponent will be veteran Lou Marconi on June 16th. It is quite possible that the dream will end for Quinn before it even begins. I have recently been in contact with Quinn and I hope to have an interview with him in the near future

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