NWA Fusion Review 05-19-2012

Another great show put on by the wrestlers of NWA Fusion tonight.

At the beginning of the show General Manager Spencer Chestnutt announced that because of the amount of time between title defenses that A1 (Jefferson Early and Zak Hilton) had been stripped of the tag team titles. Chestnutt went on to say that there would be a tournament starting in July and will culminate with the crowning of new champions at Brutal Games in August.

“Diamond” Victor Griff defeated Stephon Smith by submission.

The Dynasty (Spartan and Neo) won by DQ over Outlaw Ink (Sam Bass and Ryan Nuzzi) when Bass used his bullrope on Neo.

“Mr. Mid Atlantic” Damien Wayne defeated “The Tennessee Stud” Eddie Diamond by pinfall after a piledriver.

Sean Denny came out to cut a promo to announce he would be taking time off due to his recent concussions. Denny was then interrupted by the Continental champion “Memoho Mofo” Mark Bravura and his servant Marky Denny, the brother of Sean. Bravura proceeded to mock Seans concussions knowing that Denny was under doctors orders not to get physical. At that point Marky stepped in and told Bravura that was enough. Bravura proceeded to slap around Marky Denny which sent Sean Denny into a rage as he attacked Bravura and sent him reeling. But in the middle of the attack Sean Denny collapsed from the effects of his concussion. At this point guys from the back came out to check on Sean and also Marky Denny stayed to help his estranged brother.

The Sheiks Army beat Larry Horsley and Da New Bloodz when Shorty Smalls pinned Horsley.

Brandon Day pinned Curtis Mack. After the match it was announced that the popular Day would be teaming with the not so popular Aden Chambers in the upcoming tag tournament.

Damien Wayne, Pat Cusick, and Preston Quinn defeated Mark Bravura, Victor Griff, and Marky Denny when Quinn pinned Denny. After the match Quinn said it has been his lifelong dream to be NWA World champ and he was throwing his name in the hat for a world title shot. It was announced by Chestnutt that beginning next month the NWA would be sending a series of opponents at Quinn and he must beat all of them in order to get a world title shot. No word as of yet on who the first opponent might be.

Jason Mitchell

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