NWA Fusion presents Shanghai Showdown.

NWA Fusion
Shanghai Showdown
King and Queen Elementary School
King and Queen County, VA
NWA Continental Championship
“Mr. Mid-Atlantic” Damien Wayne vs. Brandon Day vs. “Diamond” Victor Griff
NWA Alpha Championship
Brother vs Brother
“The Geordie Bulldog” Sean Denny vs. “The Geordie Bulldog” Marky D
NWA Fusion Tag Team Championship
Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match
If Preston Quinn and Larry Horsley Lose, They Can Never Be a Tag Team Again
A1, “Number One” Jefferson Early and “The A-Lister” Zak Hilton vs. “The Pain Train” Preston Quinn and “The War Horse” Larry Horsley
Manager vs. Manager
Loser Banned from Ringside for the Tag Team Title Match
Marcus “King Kong” Dowling vs. “The Manager of Champions” Neil Sharkey
Pat Cusick vs. The Amazing Sanchezzz
Derrick Von Doom vs. Ryan Zane
Sheik Ali Akbar’s Army of Destruction vs. Stephon Smith and Larry McHale
Da New Bloodz vs. Mystery Opponents

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