NWA Fusion Meltdown Episode 19

NWA Fusion Meltdown Episode 19` from Mark Bravura on Vimeo.

Tonight on NWA Fusion Meltdown, The American Ranger thought that he was going to finally get his hands on Sheik Ali Akbar’s Engine of Destruction, The Hatriot, but The Sheik had a trick up his sleeve. He called in the Ruthless Rudo, Horrorshow to go one on one with the Ranger. Can the Spirit of America handle the Lethal Luchadore? And does Sheik Ali Akbar have any other surprises for The American Ranger?
In other action, two of the biggest stars in the Mid-Atlantic go face off. Mr. Mid-Atlantic, Damien Wayne takes on The Platinum Icon, Phil Brown.
All this and more tonight on NWA Fusion Meltdown.

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