NWA Fusion Meltdown Episode 16

NWA Fusion Meltdown Episode 16 from Mark Bravura on Vimeo.


For nearly two years, the NWA Continental Heavyweight Champion, “Big Time” Mike Booth, went undefeated. NO ONE could beat him. NO ONE could pin his shoulders to the mat. NO ONE could make him submit. For almost 24 months, everyone who opposed him went down to defeat. Damien Wayne. Preston Quinn. Sean Denny. Horrorshow. The American Ranger. No one could beat Mike Booth… until he met “The Wiseguy” Jimmy Cicero.
Last month on Meltdown, “The Wiseguy” ended “Big Time”‘s undefeated streak and pinned his shoulders to the mat, but the title wasn’t on the line. Now the championship committee has granted Cicero his shot at the title. After 17 years, “The Wiseguy” has his chance to be the man. To be the champion. To finally wear the gold of a heavyweight championship. Will “The Wiseguy” continue his hot streak? Or will Mike Booth prove his loss was just a fluke and return to his undefeated ways?
Also last week, Sean Denny went on a rampage. After seeing what “The Mempho Mofo” Mark Bravura did his brother Marky D, Sean DEMANDED that he be given the chance to destroy someone, anyone and Sheik Ali Akbar’s Evil Wind from the East, Krotch, stepped up to take the challenge. Considering the Army’s role in an earlier attack on the Geordie Bulldog’s did Krotch make a wise choice? Can he survive the rage of Geordie Bulldog? Or will Sean’s be too focused on revenge to gain the victory?
All that and more tonight on NWA Fusion Meltdown!!!

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