NWA Fusion: Meltdown Episode 153

On the heels of the biggest event in it’s history, Shanghai Showdown 7, the landscape of NWA Fusion has dramatically changed. All the athletes in NWA Fusion are jockeying for position and for the first time every Meltdown heads outdoors!
First, at Shanghai Showdown 7, “The War Horse” Larry Horsley managed to win the Ladder Flag Match, bury his opponent Sheik Kassir Assad under the American Flag and finally put to rest their rivalry of nearly 18 months, but now the Alpha Champion must turn his eyes on new contenders for his championship. On this episode of Meltdown, “The War Horse” is scheduled to face The Rotund Rapper, Big MC 123, but after having his head shaved by “The Zaniac” Ryan Zane at Shanghai Showdown 7, nobody has seen Big MC. Reports are The Rotund Rapper may have suffered a complete mental breakdown and another grappler will be taking his place? Who could this mystery challenger for the Alpha Championship be?
Then, at Shanghai Showdown 7, A1 seemed to briefly turn over a new leaf in their match against The Amazing Sanchezzz & Krotch, but by the end of the night it looked like the multi-time former NWA Fusion tag team champions weren’t on the same page. “The A-Lister” Zak Hilton prevented “The Creature” John Cannon from using a chair on “Everything’s Better With” Aden Chambers, but “Number One” Jefferson Early gave a Straight Shot Superkick to Brandon Day. An argument ensued between the two partners before they were attacked by both Chambers & Day and the Society of Ventrue. On this Episode of NWA Fusion Meltdown, A1 better be back in cahoots because “The A-Lister” Zak Hilton is going one on one with a very angry Brandon Day. “The A-Lister” may need more than some helpful advice from his friend and partner “Number One” just to survive.
All this and more on this episode of NWA Fusion Meltdown.

If you missed Shanghai Showdown 7, the event many are calling the best professional wrestling event of the year in the state of Virginia, you can see if for yourself right now on demand for only $5!!!!

Street Fight for the NWA Continental Title:
“Mr. 609” The Mempho Mofo vs. “The Pain Train” Preston Quinn

Ladder Flag Match for the NWA Alpha Title
“The War Horse” Larry Horsley vs. Sheik Kassir Assad

NWA Fusion Tag Team Title Match
“Everything’s Better With” Aden Chambers & Brandon Day vs. The Society of Ventrue

Hair vs. Hair Match
Big MC 123 vs. “The Zaniac” Ryan Zane

Ultimate Jeopardy Match: Winner of the Fall gets a shot at the Continental Title, Loser of the Fall can not challenge for any title for 1 year
“The Walking Death” Sabbath vs. “Diamond” Victor Griff vs. “Big Time” Mike Booth

Tag Team Action
A1 vs. The Amazing Sanchezzz & Krotch

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