NWA Fusion: Meltdown Episode 151

The Number One contendership for the NWA Fusion Tag Team Titles is on the line on this episode of NWA Fusion Meltdown.
Don’t expect a technical masterpiece as two of the roughest and most rugged teams in the National Wrestling Alliance battle it out for a shot at the NWA Fusion Tag Team Titles. Since their arrival in NWA Fusion, The Society of Ventrue, “The Ripper” Jasin Karloff and “The Creature” John Cannon, have run roughshod over everyone in their way. Even going so far as to attack the champions, “Everything’s Better With” Aden Chambers and Brandon Day, as well as the former champions A1. The climb of Outlaw Ink has been slower, but just as impressive. “The Tattooed Technician” Ryan Nuzzi and “No Class” Sam Bass have fought hard to get to this position and they aren’t going to let an opportunity slip through their fingers without a battle. Who will earn themselves a shot at the NWA Fusion tag team titles at Shanghai Showdown.
Then last time on NWA Fusion Meltdown, “The Experience” Damien Wayne interrupted Spencer Chestnutt’s special announcement regarding the NWA Continental Title Match between The Mempho Mofo and The Pain Train Preston Quinn. The Experience reiterated the NWA Board of Directors decision that if Preston Quinn attacked Damien Wayne outside of a sanctioned match he would never challenge for an NWA Board of Directors sanctioned title ever again. Damien also stated that until Preston Quinn had gold around his waist Damien Wayne would NEVER agree to face him in a sanctioned match.
On this episode of NWA Fusion Meltdown, however, “The Experience” Is putting his NWA National Title on the line against one half of the NWA Fusion Tag Team Champions, Brandon Day. These two competitors have engaged in many classic contests in the past and after his tag team partner, Aden Chambers, came up just short of winning the Continental Title, Brandon Day will be even more inspired to walk out of Meltdown with some more gold in his hands.
All this and more on this episode of NWA Fusion Meltdown.

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