NWA Fusion Meltdown Episode 100

Conflicts Collide on this Episode of NWA Fusion Meltdown.

At The Fight Before Christmas on December 10th, The Mempho Mofo will face Pat Cusick for the Continental Title, A1 will face Stephon Smith and Larry McHale for the Tag Team Championship, and Diamond Victor Griff will battle The Pain Train Preston Quinn in a street fight. On this episode of NWA Fusion Meltdown, these 8 men bring their conflicts to one ring to one huge match.

Earlier this month Pat Cusick enraged the Mofo when he claimed to have been to the Mofo’s home, seen The Mofo’s wife and imagined what it would be like to wrap his arms around her beautiful neck. The Mofo has sworn revenge, but will the Soft Spoken Psychopath find that inside the Mofo’s head is a dangerous place to be?

Despite losing the NWA Fusion Tag Team Titles to Stephon Smith and Larry McHale in July, Number One Jefferson Early and The A-Lister Zak Hilton have continued to declare themselves the Best Tag Team in The Business. The current champions still feel the need to prove themselves. Having beaten A1 once and being on the winning side of the six man tag last month, can Stephon and Larry come out on top again, or will A1 prove to be exactly what they say they are?

Over the last several months the most brutal battles in all of NWA Fusion have been the clashes between Preston Quinn and Victor Griff. The brawls between the Sensei of the Suplex and the Pain Train have been virtually uncontainable. Will their rage boil over again and cost their teams or will their war stay inside the confines of the ring for the first time.

Who will survive the 8 man elimination challenge match? Who someone be eliminated permanently? And what will it mean for NWA Fusion and The Fight Before Christmas?

All this and more on this Episode of NWA Fusion Meltdown

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