NWA Fusion: Battle For The Belt 2 This Saturday

For well over a year now. “The Mempho Mofo” Mark Bravura has been NWA Continental Champion. But this Saturday night in Gloucester, VA he will face perhaps his toughest challenge to date in” The Pain Train” Preston Quinn. On paper it looks as though Quinn has everything to his advantage. Not only is he wrestling in his own hometown in front of family and friends, there is also a special stipulation in place that if The Mofo is disqualified then he will automatically lose his belt that way as well. So for once the champion Mofo goes into the match knowing he cant take the easy way out like he has done in the past. But being disqualified means that you got caught doing something wrong. Mofo has in his corner his longtime manager Marcus Dowling who has helped cause many of problems and distractions for Fusion refs over the years. On top of that Mofo has fellow Rapture cohorts Jefferson Early and Zak Hilton ready to pounce if the opportunity exists.

With all that being said Mofo might need all of that and then some to derail the Pain Train. Since last spring Quinn has been one of the hottest wrestlers in all of the NWA. With wins over such top NWA stars as Lou Marconi, Jimmy Parker and Lance Erikson in The Chase For The Championship Quinn became the #1 contender to the NWA Worlds Title held by then champion Adam Pearce. If not for a chair shot from then close friend Damien Wayne then Quinn would probably be wearing the Worlds Title right now. But Quinn didn’t let that deter him as he turned his attention back to the Continental title. In November Quinn won Civil War and with that a shot at Mofo anytime he wanted. Unlike others in the past however Quinn didn’t go for the gold without warning as he told Mofo in early December when exactly he was coming for the gold.

This has the makings of one of the best matches in NWA Fusion history. Will Quinn be the one to finally stop the Mofo reign or will he join the list of guys like Wayne,Denny,Grid,Day and many others who have failed to take the Continental title away from The Mofo.

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