NWA Front Office withdraws sanctioning for World Championship Match

“The safety and well-being of our fighting athletes is of paramount importance to the National Wrestling Alliance™. No wrestling organization can thrive when the level of violence goes entirely past the accepted rule of sport, and we as a sanctioning body cannot willingly sanction a contest that is sure to push those levels past a point of no return.

As a result, due to the excessive and progressively violent nature of the ‘Seven Levels of Hate’ series between Adam Pearce and Colt Cabana, in particular the Stage Six match in Salem, Oregon which saw Pearce set Colt Cabana on fire, the National Wrestling Alliance™ Board of Governors simply has no choice other than to withdraw the NWA’s™ sanctioning from the Stage Seven steel cage match taking place on October 27 in Australia.

Settling scores and decisively ending vendettas are important in professional wrestling and quite apart from a title defense. Wrestler safety and health is far more important.”
R. Bruce Tharpe, President
National Wrestling Alliance™
Houston, Texas

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