NWA France’s Euroresu 2008

The International Catch Wrestling Alliance, more commonly referred to NWA France recently held its annual event at the Japanese Expo in France. NWA France has now participated in the event for a 3rd year in a row. This year’s showcase was mixed with both Women and Men’s wrestling with training seminars. The international talent included “Spider Lady” Mariko Yoshida, Misaki Ohata, a masked Chad Malenko “Metal Master” and a masked Bryan Danielson “American Dragon. The series of matches started on July 3 and concluded on July 6th.

The Finals of the Women’s Matches was “Spider Lady” Mariko Yoshida beats “English Pink” Sweet Saraya. And “Metal Master” defeated “American Dragon” in the Male Tournament Finals.

Credit for the results to the Catch Fans
Credit for the photos to Cyril Lavier a.k.a. “davromaniak”.

***I mistakenly did not give Cyril Lavier credit for his awesome photos. Please check out his photo galleries.

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