NWA Explosive Pro Wrestling Gives Back

The world of professional wrestling is considered a cut-throat business filled with sleaze. When wrestling does get publicity, it is typically for all the wrong reasons. All to often we hear of drug overdoes, criminal activities, and death. The NWA is known for its charitable contributions. ECCW helped out with the 24 Hour Wrestling show to fill the empty food banks. NWA Mid-Atlantic has been giving back to the families of Fire Fighters and Police men and women.

Explosive Pro Wrestling was able to give $2348.35 to Telethon. Telethon is a registered childrens charitable trust dedicated to raising funds to improve the lives of children and young people throughout Western Australia. They improve lives by investing in medical treatment and research for children who are sick.

The Results from Charity are:

Jay Taylor and Davis Storm defeated Team Allstar

Tyler Jacobs defeated Alex Kingston

Garry Schmidt defeated Gavin McGavin

Jimmy Payne defeated AZ Vegara and Jamie Jurah

Mikey Nicholls defeated Devlin Reeves

Chase Griffin and Dan Moore defeated Chris Vice and Jonny Wimbledon

Bobby Marshall defeated Sebastian Sander

Mikey Nicholls won the 2009 EPW Charity Rumble

Kudos to all the Wrestlers and Explosive Pro Wrestling for this great cause.

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