NWA EPW recaps WA vs. VIC

Lukey Bolland takes a look at Explosive Pro Wrestling’s WA vs VIC held on the 12th of September at the Queens Park Rec Centre in front of a very vocal crowd all the corner of Western Australia as the main event saw the current EPW tag team champions Carlo Cannon and Slex take on two of EPW’s best in Davis Storm and Jimmy Payne! The match was as hot as the crowd with no shortage of action from bell to bell! On this occasion it was Slex and Carlo Cannon that came out on top as the Victorians managed to isolate Davis Storm after going through a table, the Ironman was forced to tap. Will the Victorians be so lucky come November 7th at the Craigie Leisure Centre when EPW presents Re-Awakening 8 as they face more of WA’s best in a LADDER MATCH for the EPW Tag Team Championships? You decide who you want to see in that match by going to http://www.epwperth.com and voting for either Jimmy Payne, Shane Haste or Mikey Nicholls! WA vs VIC was prouldy sponsored by Taylor Tyres!

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