NWA EPW Charity Bash Video Recap

Lukey Bolland takes a look at Explosive Pro Wrestling’s CHARITY BASH held on the 3rd of October at the Cyril Jackson Rec Centre with all profits going to TELETHON. Thanks to the fans who attended, EPW was able to raise a total of $2348 for this very worthy cause. Matches that took place were Davis Storm and JT vsTeam Allstar, Tyler Jacobs vs Alex ‘The Kid’ Kingston, Garry Schmidt vs Gavin McGavin, Jimmy Payne vs Jamie Jurah vs AZ Vegara, Mikey Nicholls vs Devlin Reeves, Chase Griffin and Dan Moore vs Chris Vice and Jonny Wimbledon, Bobby Marshall vs Michael Morleone and the night finished with EPW’s first 15 Man Charity Bash Rumble! EPW’s next live event is RE-AWAKENING 8 to be held at the Craigie Leisure Centre on the 7th of November. Check out http://www.epwperth.com for more details.

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