NWA ECCW’s crowns a new Pacific Cup Tournament Champion

El Phantasmo Wins The Pacific Cup!

After a wild and unpredictable tournament full of surprises and upsets, El Phantasmo emerged as the 2009 Pacific Cup champion, defeating Azeem The Dream and the returning Rick The Weapon X in the three-way tournament final! The roads of all three men into the final of the 9th annual battle of the top junior heavyweights was varied between all three, with all roads leading to the final.

Phantasmo started his road to the Pacific Cup tournament final with a decisive victory over Alberta’s “Superfly” Dan Myers, outsmarting the “Superfly” by feinting a frog splash, then leaping even further than before to splatter Myers with the frog splash for the victory! Phantasmo’s opponent in round two was supposed to be Artemis Spencer, who made short work of former SuperGirls champion Nicole Matthews; however, in the course of the victory, Nicole’s own prediction for Spencer also came true, as the NWA Canadian junior heavyweight champion suffered an injury to his left knee and could not continue past the first round. Over the shrieking protests of The Divine Prophet, Spencer was replaced by designated alternate Nick Price, who gave Phantasmo all he could handle in a fantastic contest, before Phantasmo caught him in an anklelock for the submission to get into the Pacific Cup final for the second straight year!

Credit ECCW

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