NWA ECCW crowns new champions.

Vancouver has long been the stomping grounds of Canada’s finest, ECCW. And the past show was no different. ECCW’s latest show created many questions, the first of which is why Sid Sylum, why? Nicole Matthews and Sylum were the Power Couple of ECCW. And as the stable Chill Town, held much of the gold in ECCW. However at the last show, the power couple is no more. Sylum turned on his lady, to help Veronica Vice regain the SuperGirls Championship and ending Nicole Mathews’ Super Girls reigns which was the longest in ECCW History.

Artemis Spencer under the guidance of the Divine Prophecy has become the newest Canadian Junior Heavyweight Champion. It wasn’t too long ago when Spencer had hit hard times. Losing a heated rivalry to former friend and tag team partner El Phantasmo, that resulted in Spencer being forced to remove his mask and giving up his persona as Halo. Spencer was able to defeat another former friend in Billy Suede. Spencer also laid waste to his friendship with Suede by allowing and joining his fellow members of the New Church in attacking Suede. Kyle O’Reilly was able to make the save.

In other ECCW news, the 2009 Pacific Cup Tournament has two more entrants. Azeem the Dream and Kyle O’Reilly have both qualified for the 3rd Annual Tournament. ECCW returns to the Bridgeview Hall in Surrey on Friday night, February 27th, and it’ll be a bloody night, as Cremator finally gets his hands on Ice in a demented match of his own design – the Circle of Fear barbed wire match! Tickets are on sale now on ECCW.com!

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