NWA EAST’S Quinn Magnum answers Lou Marconi and NWA EAST Heavyweight Title Match Preview

NWA-East’s Lou Marconi sent another video in to NWAEast.com this past week, which isnt anything out of the ordinary. What was out of the ordinary is who who addressed in the video… former longtime rival and current NWA-East Championship Committee member Quinn Magnum. Magnum and Lou’s history goes back 15 years and this time it was Lou who requested to Quinn, via video, to look more closely at the challenger for the NWA-East Heavyweight Title match that fellow Championship Committee member Shawn Patrick placed in the match. It was Patrick’s own man Ashton Amherst. Lou pointed out that he had just defeated Ashton at the last event and that Lou has been ranked in the top 5 of the NWA-East Eleven Elite Rankings since the rankings have been coming out. Lou boldly stated that he wants to be in the title match as well and told Quinn to do the fair thing.
Well, Quinn Magnum has responded to Lou Marconi’s video and request. Quinn has sent the following statement to NWAEast.com: “After viewing Mr Marconi’s video, I took it upon myself to look further into the Heavyweight Title Match set for this Friday, June 10th. I find that Lou Marconi indeed does have a legit complaint in this matter having pinned Ashton Amherst just under three weeks ago. With Lou’s consistent ranking in the top five, I have decided that Lou Marconi will now be included in the NWA-East Heavyweight Title Match thus making it a three-way dance between champion Stryder, Ashton Amherst, and Lou Marconi. Unlike Lou’s video’s to the NWA upper brass, this video did not fall on deaf ears with nothing at all being done about a deserved situtation.”
So with that, the NWA-East Heavyweight Title Match just got that much more interesting as we now have champion Stryder v Lou Marconi v Ashton Amherst. The current champion Stryder has been unstoppable since winning Burgh Brawl 15. He would go on and become the first man, since Mad Mike in 2003, to win Burgh Brawl and then capture the heavyweight title the next show with the title shot won at the Burgh Brawl event. Stryder came in facing new champion Ryan Mitchell but was able to make it a very short reign for Mitchell as Stryder was able to make Mitchell tap out in submission to win the title. Now, Stryder’s first defense will be against two men that have been to the top of the mountain before having reigned as NWA-East Heavyweight Champions themselves. Stryder’s work is cut out for him, but he has vowed to be a fighting champion and he has hit the road running indeed.
Ashton Amherst has held the heavyweight title on two occasions and now has his sights set on a third title reign. Asthon took it upon himself to ruin Stryder’s winning celebration by attacking him from behind. Only hours after the attack, Championship Committee member and Amherst’s manager Shawn Patrick granted Amherst a title match for Friday, June 10th. Amherst has delcared that he will stop at nothing to get the title back as holding the NWA North American Tag-Team Titles for the last year is no longer a tough enough challenge for him. Amherst has stated that ‘the Ashton era will once again return with all of it’s glory!”
Lou Marconi is himself a former heavyweight champion having virtually seen and done it all in professional wrestling. His ultimate goal is to win the NWA World Heavyweight Title, a goal he has been chasing for the last year and a half. Unfortunately, Lou’s quest has run into red tape and backstage politics within the upper realm of the NWA. Attempts have been made to silence him. He has even been asked what he hopes to accomplish which may be one of the most ridiculous statements this writer has heard in quite some time. What Lou hopes to accomplish is the same goal every wrestler in the NWA should hope to accomplish and that is to become the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. To Lou’s credit he has not gone away like some have hoped he would and he has taken down one top contender after another. Now that he has a spot in the title match, Lou has a chance to win the title for a second time and with holding the heavyweight title in one of the most consistent running promotions in the entire NWA, Lou Marconi would make people have to notice him.
The biggest prize in the NWA-East is up for grabs on Friday, June 10th with three of the best the promotion has to offer. Who will walk out of the Jacob Woll Pavillion with the gold???

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