NWA East’s Michell and Taylor injured!?!

Both of the past two NWA-East Heavyweight Champions were injured at the last event and may be out for extended periods of time. Chris Taylor was jumped from behind by his tag-team partner for the night in Troy Lords who then revealed he was now aligned to Shawn Patrick’s vision of the NWA. Lor…ds, Paul Atlas, Ryan Mitchell, Ashton Amherst, and Devin Devine attacked Taylor focusing on Taylor’s knee.
After X-Rays and a MRI, it has been revealed that Taylor has suffered a tear in his ACL. The question that still needs to answered is whether the tear is significant enough to warrant surgery or not. As it stands, Taylor appears to be out of action for up to three months. If surgery is required, then Taylor could be out for up to six months.
This is sobering news for the NWA-East and Taylor himself as, arguably, the most popular wrestler in the NWA-East is on the shelf for a long period of time. Taylor’s quest for a third Heavyweight Title will have to wait until he is back to 100% but revenge may be on the mind of Taylor for when he is able to return to the ring.
In the meantime, it will be up to some of the young, popular wrestlers in the promotion to step up their game in Taylor’s absence. Guys like Travis Fame, Jon Burton, and newcomer Jimmy Nutts will need to fill the void as new Heavyweight Champion Stryder could very well take the top spot as the most popular man in the company.
In a bit of irony, Ryan Mitchell, the very man that turned his back on Taylor and spent months feuding with him after the duo were best of friends, was also injured by the same men who took out Taylor. It was just earlier that same night that Mitchell was a part of injuring Taylor with the men that were his allies. However, by the end of the night, Mitchell seemed to come out of his funk right before the fans eyes as he helped Stryder, the man who had just defeated Mitchell for the Heavyweight Title, against Amherst, Atlas, Lords, and Devine. Mitchell once again heard the cheers of the fans as it seemed that the real Ryan Mitchell had finally resurfaced.
What wasn’t seen before the live audience is the vicious attack in the locker room on Mitchell just after he returned from the ring to help Stryder by Amherst and company. The attack was caught on camera and will be on the latest NWA-East dvd set to come out in the coming days. The attack was concentrated on Mitchell’s already injured arm and more tests have revealed a torn bicep. Mitchell is now out of action for at least 8 weeks and possibly up to 4 or 5 months depending on how his arm responds to the physical therapy after the repairs have been made.
Both of these injuries have, in effect, turned the NWA-East upside down as now the question arises, Just how powerful is Shawn Patrick’s group in the NWA-East?, and can they even be stopped? This will be a real test for the fan favorites of the promotion and, quite frankly, a real opportunity for some of the young guns on their way up the rankings….

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