NWA EAST’s Lou Marconi is a man on a mission, can anyone shout him up???

NWA-East’s Lou Marconi has been a figure of controversy since he re-entered the NWA and NWA-East a year and a half ago. Lou is no stranger to titles in the NWA-East as he has held the NWA-East Heavyweight, Three Rivers, and Tag-Team Titles. He is also no stranger to wrestling on the biggest stages possible having wrestled on ECW(yes the original one) Television and WWE television on numerous occasions.
The controversy began within three minutes of his return as he attacked then NWA-East Three Rivers Champion Ryan Mitchell just seconds after helping the champion out against a doubleteam assault. Marconi would take the title from Mitchell in a matter of weeks and then proceed to change the landscape of the NWA-East as he launched an open attack on the entire Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based promotion by launching an invasion of Cleveland, Ohio talent dubbing his invading force The 216 Clique. The Clique would become 16 strong at his height assaulting every champion in the promotion, every wrestler both men and women, and even NWA-East officials. The war is still raging right now as Lou has even managed to have NWA Mountain State wrestlers appear at the NWA-East and ally themselves with Marconi and his 216 Clique.
Marconi has been consistent to the point of annoyance to the NWA Brass with his weekly videos directed at the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship and even pointed jabs at the the highest of NWA officials. Marconi has called out the World’s Champion for months now(all of which can be seen on NWAEast.com) but has yet to receive a title match. When openly questioning the reason for the snub, it was indicated to Lou that he must earn the title shot. Lou has even been asked what he hopes to accomplish by continuing his weekly videos to which he replied he wants just one opportunity to win the Worlds Title.
Marconi has now issued an open challenge to any nationally or world recognized NWA Champion stating that he will defeat any champion in less than ten minutes. Marconi is now claiming to have video footage of the new NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion Colt Cabana literally running away from a pursuing Marconi.
Lou Marconi is a man on a mission to gain attention, good or bad, to himself on a grand scope within the NWA. The question is….Can anyone shout him up???

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