NWA East Championship Committee Dismissed by Jim Miller

In a shocking development, the NWA-East Championship Committee(currently Vince Kaplack and Shawn Patrick) has been relieved of their duties by owner Jim Miller effective immediately.
Miller has stated that while he has the up most respect for both Vince Kaplack and Shawn Patrick, he feels that both have become far too separated from having their finger on the pulse of the promotion in the last few months.
In the past several months, the Championship Committee has appointed Joe Dombrowski as the hands-on Spokesperson but that went sour as Dombrowski gradually allowed the position of power go to his head clouding any impartial judgments on his part. Furthermore, Dombrowski’s obsession with Kid Cupid and The Midnight Lover proved to be a major distraction as well. Eventually, Dombrowski would lose the Spokesperson’s job to The Midnight Lover(who in turn turned it over to the reinstated Kid Cupid).
Miller cited the facts that The Championship Committee did nothing to halt Dombrowski’s abuse of power which then led to a respected position becoming a mockery when Kid Cupid took over. Miller also made mention of their inability to control the situation with Crusher Hansen as Hansen’s manager BC Steele has submitted contract after contract to sneak Hansen back into the building despite the fact that Hansen lost a ‘Loser Leaves NWA-East’ match against Jon Burton at the 15th Anniversary Show.
The final straw appears to be the parting of ways with Chris LeRusso, Bobby Beverly, and Gregory Iron as Miller indicated that allowing three young talents like these to walk away was a major mistake that should not have ever happened.
Miller, however, did say that the door would be open for both Patrick and Kaplack to return to the Committee in the future if either man wishes to resume full hands-on duties. In the meantime, no replacements have been named to the Committee, which leads to the question of who will be enforcing the rules and signing the matches?? Miller has indicated that the “inmates will not run the asylum” as he will be the man watching over things until a new Committee can be determined.
One wrestler, who wishes to remain anonymous, had this to say when asked by the website about the shocking announcement: “How can Jim Miller think he is going to control things and watch over the wrestlers when he doesn’t even know who half of them are anymore?”
Another wrestler proclaimed that this was a blessing in disguise because that means no more Dombrowski screwing things up or Cupid playing children’s games.
Former NWA-East wrestler Crusher Hansen made it a point to contact us and when asked his opinion on this matter stated he will have to check things out for himself at the next live event. When reminded that he is still not a part of the active roster, Hansen simply asked ‘Who’s gonna stop me from showing up? Jim Miller? Please. The man is too busy selling his hotdogs to run anything…..
Things could get a bit chaotic on January 30th it appears….
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