NWA Colorado??? Fusion Pro Wrestling joins the Alliance

As announced by Eric Sax from the NWA Wrestling On-line Forum:

Effective February 9, 2008 in Commerce City, Colorado.

Fusion Board of Director Victoria Star announced tonight that Fusion Pro Wrestling has been sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance to be THE ONLY territory in Colorado.
Stay tuned to the Fusion website for more exciting news.

As David Marquez explains Fusion will be co-promoting cards with NWA Pro. Marquez eluded to having members from Northern California also sanctioning events in the NWA. What this means for the NWA is another foot hole in an other wise ignored territory. NWA Pro in the past 3 years have gained affiliates in Southern California; Alternative Wrestling Show, Empire Wrestling Federation, High-Risk Wrestling, in Arizona with Rising Pheoneix Wrestling and Impact Wrestling Zone, in Utah with Ultimate Championship Wrestling Zero, in New Jersey with NWA Pro EAST, in Pennsylvania with NWA Black and Blue, in Australia with Explosive Pro Wrestling Perth and Adelaide, and now with Fusion in Colorado. This is great now giving another home for NWA Champions to travel too. This also gives the Fusion Pro Champion: Raheem Rashaad, another opportunity to compete at a larger level in the NWA. And challenge the best that the NWA can offer.

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