NWA Charlotte’s Summer Vacation

NWA Charlotte is taking June and July off to:

1. Let Developer Brady Parker and his team re-build the newer and better set, stage, and interior for NWA Coliseum. The plans for the new permanent set and stage include more lights, more effects, more depth for the ramp and stage, and larger surface areas for wrestling action.

2. Embark on a 2-month swing through various promotions across the country to search for new talent and faces to mix into the NWA Charlotte roster.

Our first shows back will be Friday, August 7th and Saturday, August 8th! These two shows will be a real wrestling experience, including new professional wrestling superstars, NWA Charlotte superstars, Ring of Honor superstars, TNA superstars, Mid-Atlantic Legends and, as always, some big surprise guests!

We want you to enjoy the summer!. So many of you have indicated that you are taking big trips, building additions to your homes, spending time with your families at the lake, camping, going on Mission trips, and spending time at the pool!

Plus, our new website (finally!) will be completed and posted this summer so you can order your seats online, join Chat Rooms, interact with the NWA Charlotte superstars, and play games!

We look forward to seeing you all back on Friday, August 7th and Saturday, August 8th as NWA Charlotte returns from summer vacation bigger, better, brighter, and more tan!
Keep checking back for more information!

This was also confirmed by Tim Dixon, the voice of NWA Charlotte. Dixon confirmed that “there may be a couple of “Best of Unleashed” episodes coming up!” And just in case if Mr. Joyce, Mr. Costello, or anyone involved with finding that fresh new talent for NWA Charlotte, I’d like to suggest Kliff Hanger from NWA Cyberslam, Sean Denny, Chris Escobar, and Damien Wayne from NWA Virgina and perhaps Apolo from NWA On Fire.

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