NWA Charlotte tryouts May 30th.


By popular demand, the NWA Try-outs return to the new NWA Coliseum @ Metrolina Expo this Saturday, May 30 from 3-5pm. NWA Try-Outs consist of three main areas: 1) in-ring time to “show us what you got” or beginner instructions on the basics of wrestling, 2) character development and “what to expect” in the professional world of wrestling, and 3) studio time in front of a real TV camera delivering your promos to the audience.
All auditions will be in front of our official NWA judging committee. Try-outs are open for anyone… wrestlers, referees, managers, divas, etc. You can have no experience or have years of experience. You must be at least 16 and all participants must pay a $40 registration fee at the door. We are looking for those that are serious about their wrestling career or wanting to start one. If you’re good enough, we could feature you that night in our show as we did on March 14. Be at the NWA Coliseum at 2:30pm to complete the registration process.

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