NWA Charlotte… Maybe I spoke too soon!


Much like an inspirational video I watched in health class as a freshman, NWA Charlotte will not let anyone hold them back. In a rapid turn of events, with a lot of emotional out pour from the fans, NWA Charlotte has decided that maybe this isn’t the end.

As previously stated the promotion already had poured large amounts of money into a professional building to hold their events. However, it wasn’t up to fire-code. Seemingly though, the Charlotte Fire Marshals may give the NWA Charlotte group conditional approval to fire up the Wrestling Factory. The consistent message from both owners of NWA Charlotte, Joyce and Costello, is that the NWA will be back in Charlotte soon than later.

This is great news for the fans in Charlotte, as their branch of the NWA was really putting together some interesting storylines, a great mix of talent, an interesting video webcast, and they even added Chance Prophet into the mix. That makes them a winner in my book and I hope the fans of the NWA continue to make the NWA in Charlotte a destination for wrestling. Good luck to Joyce and Costello!

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