NWA Charlotte, 2 new champions a big news!

NWA Charlotte in its short tenure has become one of the most popular wrestling promotions in the NWA. Using talent through out the South East, Charlotte currently showcases wrestlers like, NWA National Champion Phil Shatter, Timber the Lumberjack, Mikal Judas, former WWE developmental talent Ryan O’Rilley and has hosted a series of matches with 2nd Generation wrestlers like Brad Anderson, David Flair and recenly debuting Reid Flair.

This weekend was a big weekend for Reid as he was able to capture the NWA Mid-Atlantic Heritage Championship. In a six man tag where apparently the title was on the line. This would mark the first championship for Reid Flair, it would be the only second generation to make a stir that evening. Ricky Steamboat Jr. was also challenged by Vordell Walker.
Later in the evening Truit Fields, who is currently the NWA Anarchy Television Champion, won the NWA Charlotte US Heavyweight Championship by defeating Ryan O’Rilley.
Also according to Larry Goodman the NWA Showcase will becoming to NWA Charlotte. There are also plans to tape matches at “Striking Gold” the big event in Tyler Texas.

Credit Larry Goodman

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