NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood June 11th TV Preview

Tag Team supremacy is at stake this week on NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood as the Heritage Tag team Champions, NATURAL SELECTION face their BIGGEST challenge to date! You don’t want to miss this edition as it goes on-the-air this coming Saturday, June 11th, at 11pm PST only on KDOC-TV! This episode will show why we’re the only hour of PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING currently on television!

On this episode:

* In the MAIN EVENT: The NWA Heritage Tag Team division heats up again as the current titleholders, Shaun Ricker and Brian Cage, collectively known as NATURAL SELECTION, take on the biggest challenge of their reign. That challenge comes in the form of the Navajo Warrior and Hawai’ian Lion – The Tribe! All hell could very well break loose in this one
* In more top-notch Tag Team action, “Mirror Image” Ricky Mandel and Hector “El Chido” Canales go toe-to-toe with the former World Tag Team Champions, Los Luchas!
* In another ‘Be The Star’ qualifying round matchup, “Pretty” Peter Avalon will take on a man he has history with, the impressive Ryan Taylor!
* Joey Ryan looks to advance into the ‘Be The Star’ tourney versus Brandon Parker!
* And, former World’s Champion ‘Scrap Iron’ Adam Pearce appears after ten weeks away!
Plus: Rock Superstar KAOS, Nick Madrid, Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana, and Willie Mack!
This great hour of wrestling action originally airs this Saturday, June 11th at 11pm PST on KDOC-TV in Los Angeles. Look for the encore presentation WORLDWIDE shortly thereafter at www.NWAHollywood.com!
Fans in Southern California check your local listings for KDOC Los Angeles.
For breaking news at it happens, follow on Twitter at www.twitter.com/nwahollywood!
NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. For the fans!

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