NWA Central States Results For May 18th Event

Match 1: “Showgun” Chris L.O.G.A.N. VS Just Amazing. Winner: “Showgun” Chris L.O.G.A.N.

In ring interview with Deven Spade. Deven Spoke of the rotator cuff injury he suffered at the hands of Evan “Money” Morri$ in Jerseyville, IL on April 27th. Deven spoke of his therapy and announced he would return sooner than originally expected.

Match 2: three-way elimination match. Johnny Bluestreak VS Joker VS Jimmy D. Jimmy D eliminated Johnny Bluestreak, Joker then won the match via disqualification.

Match 3: Darkchild VS Executioner. Winner: Executioner.

Prior to intermission, Garrett Williams proceeded to the ring to introduce the newest of his “foundation representatives” Ax Allwardt. Eventually Shane Fury would escort Evan “Money” Morri$ to the ring as he mocked the injuries suffered by Deven Spade. after a few minutes, the gloating of the Garrett Williams Foundation was interrupted by NWA Illinois State Heavyweight Champion “Showtime” Shane Somers and challenger for the NWA Central States Heavyweight Championship, C.B. Cool.

Match 4: Aaron Solo VS Darren Dean. Winner: Darren Dean.

Match 5: #1 contender match for the NWA Illinois State Heavyweight Championship. Shane Fury w/Garrett Williams VS Dakota Prodigy. Winner: Shane Fury

Match 6: NWA Central States Heavyweight Championship. C.B. Cool VS (c)Evan “Money” Morri$ w/Garrett Williams. Winner: Evan “Money” Morri$.

Match 7: NWA Illinois State Heavyweight Championship. Ax Allwardt w/Garrett Williams VS (c)”Showtime” Shane Somers. Winner: “Showtime” Shane Somers via disqualification. Garrett Williams attacked Somers after Somers had hit a devastating gourd buster on Allwardt. The entire Garrett Williams Foundation then proceeded to brutally attack Somers. Evan “Money” Morri$ attempted to tear Somers rotator cuff the same way he tore Deven Spade’s, when Deven Spade ran to the back and the locker room came out to assist Somers and Spade thankfully stopping the Garrett Williams Foundation before any serious damage was done.

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